Do you love making things beautiful?  Good. 

Does the thought of coming up with the actual idea that needs be made beautiful excite you even more?  Excellent!

If you like sitting around all day and decorating things that people hand to you, this is not the shop for you.  However, if you love coming up with an incredible idea that no one’s seen before that causes an uproar among consumers, AND you enjoy making it look beautiful, you will thrive here like a dog in a tennis ball factory.  Remember – print is dead and dying. (How much time have you spent online this week?  How much time have you spent reading magazines this week?)  We work 80% with web and interactive. 

Our marketing and branding agency is filled with people who love to think, and make things beautiful.  Not to mention we have a line of clients who crave this kind of work.  We need some help around here! We need an Art Director / Thinker / Designer who can jump on board, anywhere from Junior to mid-level.  We’re even open to senior-level talent, if you’re really really good, and your ego can fit through the front door without turning sideways. 

Interested? Please apply here.



When it comes to creative, the buck stops here. A Creative Director at The Republik is responsible and accountable for the following:

Working with the Strategy Director to write and approve a Creative Brief for every creative project that goes through The Republik. (That’s right, every project: logo designs, billboards, print ads, web banners, TV and radio scripts, you name it.).
Choosing the creative team or teams (art director, designer, copywriter) to execute the strategy outlined in the Creative Brief.

Presenting the Creative Brief to the Creative Team(s).

Providing clear and specific creative direction to the Creative Team(s) so that concept executions will meet The Republik’s high standards.

Ensuring executions are on-strategy, on-budget, follow branding guidelines and are the very best they can possibly be.

Final approval of any work that is presented to client.

Executing a concept to present to client if Creative Team(s) fail to come up with an idea or ideas that meet The Republik’s high creative and strategic standards.

Presenting concepts to client.

Answering client executional questions.

Any and all communications between The Republik and clients concerning creative. Communicating and approving any and all revisions to Creative Team.

Deciding what work ultimately gets produced. [email protected]


When it comes to project management, the buck stops here. A Project  Director at The Republik is responsible and accountable for the following:

Once a Strategic Direction is formulated, the Project Director will assign you and your team projects to oversee.

You will work with every department in the agency to maintain clear lines of communication, keep all members of the team on top of deadlines and manage all aspects of production flow through the agency.

You will develop and enhance project management programs designed to boost the efficiency and successful delivery of executions outlined in the agency master job status document.

Ensuring consistent and flawless delivery of projects and tasks

Developing tools to help manage work-flow across all communication plan programs and agency projects.

Positively motivating employees and vendors to deliver action items outlined in the status report Facilitating insight into projects and internal/external communication when needed.

Managing project budgets.

Guarding all materials and maintaining records associated with ALL agency projects.

Facilitating and managing project status and deadlines for all core team members and outside vendors.

Quickly delivering information that could affect projects to core teams
Developing solutions and executional input that could positively affect the delivery of projects.

Ensuring agency and vendors meet all internal presentation meetings and external deadlines (Given on-schedule client direction & approval.)

Coordinating all internal/external scheduling of meetings, holidays, vacations, business trips, project deadlines, interviews, etc..

Consistently researching new tools and software to improve project management Hosting/planning all internal events for RPK
Showing deep concern for overall office presentation.

Scheduling the completion of conference reports for Strategic Directors after every meeting that is held with a client two days after the meeting is held.


When it comes to analytics, the buck stops here. An Analytics Director at The Republik is responsible and accountable for the following:

Working with the Strategy Director to write and approve a Communications Plan for every Client in The Republik.

The Analytics should concept a clear Analytics Plan for every execution approved in the Communication Plan prior to delivery of Creative Strategy to Creative Department. (That’s right, every project: packaging, billboards, print ads, web banners, TV and radio scripts, you name it.).

Choosing the Analytics team or teams (Analyist, Developer, Coordinator) to execute the Analytics Plan.

Presenting the Analytic Plan to the Core Team(s).

Work with The Republik clients and core team to define Campaign Objectives.


The Strategic Director is the primary overseer of the agency/client relationship. Your responsibilities include:

Manage clients “independently” on a day-to-day basis including timely documentation of client conversations/decisions, project status and budget status.

Strategic marketing counsel for clients’ communications programs and agency initiatives.

Identify and interpret client/brand needs clearly and transform them into proper focused creative briefs.

Initiate & develop mutually beneficial long-term relationships with clients at senior management level.

Understand marketing & communication requirements and formulate marketing & communication plans.

Preparation of marketplace analysis including client and competitive activity
Provide strategic thinking to write creative and media briefs.

Provide objective feedback/input to creative and media concepts and plans
Meet budgets, develop revenue generation ideas and manage receivables.

Plan and develop strategies for client retention, new business development, creative planning and strategic vision for brand communication programs, innovations & ideation & research for new project development.

Skillful problem solver and a terrific team player with single mindset Provide leadership and mentor staff.

Excellent presentation and communication skills.